About Us

We offer "Premium" sensor cleaning products at affordable prices. You can find higher priced products but not higher quality than what we have to offer. As camera repairmen, we have been cleaning sensors since the first digital cameras were produced in the early 90's. We have tried all the commercially available products and many home remedies. We know what produces consistent good results and that’s why we sell what we sell.


When voids open due to others discontinuing products or selling at high margins, we step in and fill these voids. With most of our products being made in the USA, we have direct control over the quality control, ensuring the best quality possible.

The products we offer truly are the best. Give them a try, as we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

A quality hand blower is a necessity and we find the Giottos AA1900 to be the best one on the market. These are readily available at your local camera store or on-line.

We don’t offer an inspection device at this time as there are many already on the market and some of them are even being offered at reasonable prices and they truly make sensor cleaning more effortless.


Contact Info:

The Dust Patrol LLC
440 Gateway Plz Ste F
Dixon, CA 95620

(707) 469-6969